Yahoo! Reveals Its 2013 Review With Top Results Shown

"yahoo review 2013"Yahoo! has revealed its 2013 year review with the top search engine results shown to be a surprising mixture of celebrity news and information with the top searched for phrase on the search engine for 2013 being “Royal Baby Name”.

The Yahoo! review gives a unique insight into what people around the UK have been most interested in over the past 12 months and while some of the results may appear to be obvious, others are less so.

While the name of the royal baby may have been the most searched for term this year the other top searches included Candy Crush, the online game that has taken the county by storm, footballer Gareth bale who made the move to real Madrid earlier in the yea and Twerking, the dance move that Miley Cyrus has become synonymous with thanks to her MTV video music awards performance in particular.

Celebrities were popular search topics over 2013 but it turns out that people in the UK are also very keen on their football and soap operas with the long running ITV series Coronation Street coming in as a top search term while Liverpool and Arsenal football clubs were also some of the top searched for terms.

Some forms of technology were in the top 20 searches from Yahoo! including the Amazon Kindle in at number 4 and the Apple iPad at number 9 but the recently released PS4 and Xbox One were not in the list, although this could be because they were only released in November and have not have time to make it into the top 20 rankings yet.

When it came to news the most popular searched for story was about the death of Baroness Thatcher with the royal baby and Nelson Mandela in hospital also being popular with UK Yahoo! users.

Single word searches found that some new popular terms had made into the top of the Yahoo search lists including the word “selfie” which has been declared as one of the words of the year by the Oxford English Dictionary and has seen the use of the word explode over the past 12 months as the self portrait picture term has become part of everyday life within social media.

Other top words included the acronym YOLO (you only live once) and once again twerking made an appearance on this list too.

Reviews such as this one from Yahoo! are a great way of getting an overview about the general thoughts of an entire nation with more and more people instantly tuning to search engines to find answers to everyday questions rather than asking friends or family for advice or heading for the library.

As 2013 draws to a close the results of other reviews will help to show further tends and predict future trends in the UK and beyond.



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