WordPress Operates Without A Traditional Office

"wordpress logo"It may run one in six of all the worlds internet sites but WordPress does not even operate from an office said the founder of the company Matt Mullenweg.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal at the Founders Festival in Vienna Matt Mullenweg put the success of WordPress on the internet down to listening to what customers want from a product.

“It is not about openness, it is about responsiveness.  Users, customers and for us, our developers are all the same thing.  They tell you what they want – if you listen.”

A surprising revelation about the company came from Matt Mullenweg at the conference where he stated that WordPress has no office that it works from.

Of the 130 people who work at WordPress none of them attend a traditional office, instead they work as a distributed company.

Matt Mullenweg explained: “We are thirty to forty years into the digital revolution, but we still think of management like running a factory.

“That is not how anyone works anymore.  No one works really hard because their boss is in the office next door, you do it because you care about what you are doing.”

By having teams of people working from all over the world the founder of WordPress explained that it meant he could have the best possible staff working for him.

“You don’t discriminate on race or gender.  We don’t discriminate on geography,” he explained of the recruitment policy at WordPress.  Matt Mullenweg added that if you are only looking to recruit people in the San Francisco area then you are not looking at the other 99.9999% of people in the  world who don’t live in San Francisco.”

While the concept of everyone working remotely on a shared project may seem like a great idea in practice but is it really something that can work for many companies?  According to Matt Mullenweg the people who work from him are already used to working in this.

But the Wall Street Journal found that WordPress also use almost no internal emails in their work – something that is bound to be seen as a blessing for many people who are bogged down with internal emails each day.

Instead the WordPress staff communicate through using their own form of Twitter with only around one percent of communication being through email.

Staff are also able to take as much holiday time as they choose but instead of people constantly being on holiday the company found that staff were actually taking too little.

Could WordPress be the best company in the world to work for?  Well it certainly sounds like it could be!

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