WordPress Now Accepting Bitcoin For Upgrades

"bitcoin wordpress payments"WordPress have announced that they will now be accepting payments for upgrades from Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has come under fire for its controversial peer to peer currency payments because it does not conform to the normal rules that apply to most payment schemes on the internet.

The reason for WordPress choosing to adopt the use of Bitcoin for payments on the site is because the blogging site says that this way of payment will avoid geographical barriers that other payment plans have.

The majority of services on WordPress are free but any users wanting to upgrade their blog and to introduce new specialist features needs to pay for this service.

Any WordPress users wanting to buy upgrades currently can pay for this through the popular payment service of PayPal but PayPal is blocked in over 60 countries limiting the amount of people who are able to buy upgrades from WordPress.

Andy Skelton from WordPress took to his blog to explain why WordPress has made the move.

He said: “Some are blocked for political reasons, some because of high fraud rates, and some for other financial reason.  Whatever the reason, we don’t think an individual blogger from Haiti, Ethiopia or Kenya should have diminished access to the blogoshpere because of payment issues they can’t control.  Our goal is to enable people, not to block them.”

What is proving to be most controversial about the introduction of Bitcoin is that WordPress will not be using the confirmations process which has been used by Bitpay payers in the past to be able to verify the accounts and trustworthiness of users.

Here users record payments that have been made and share this information with other users to allow people to know if a payer will keep to their word.

Andy Skelton said: “Making you wait for confirmations would virtually eliminate our risk but we are confident that with digital products like ours the risk is already acceptably low.”

Bitcoin has been at the centre of internet payment scandals in the past mainly because of the secrecy that is involved with transactions.

The system works on a peer to peer basis and sees users foreign exchange to then convert this into Bitcoin payments.

Many people consider the Bitcoin payment system to not be as secure as other payment methods and there have been rumours that the system has lost over 290,000 bitcoins through hacks, scams and thefts since 2011 alone.

Users of the system filed a complaint this year against the company to a court in San Francisco complaining of poor security and deceitful practices that led to the loss of a total of $460,000.



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