WordPress Founder Speaks Out About Twitter, Facebook, Instagram And The Future

"wordpress future"WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg has spoken out about the recent changes to the use of Instagram on Twitter and has spoken of his belief in non controlled systems.

Speaking at LeWeb to Om Malik from GigaOm Matt Mullenweg said he thought the decision by Instagram not to appear on Twitter time lines and feeds as a full picture was a damaging idea because he could not see it as being in the best interests of the users of either Twitter or Instagram.

According to memeburn.com Matt Mullenweg said: “Some of the things that have been going on with Facebook and Twitter and Instagram have been troubling.

“No user is saying “I don’t want my Instagram photo to show up in the Tweet streak”.  It’s a bad user experience.”

For the founder of WordPress it is important that different social media platforms work together and integrate their data to improve users experiences and therefore the potential for advertising.

WordPress is an example of how collaboration can really work not only to improve your own service but to improve that of others and therefore the users.

The blogging site has created more than 20,000 plug ins already and the future of WordPress will be on mobile devices.

Matt Mullenweg predicts that within the next five years the vast majority of traffic to WordPress sites will be coming from tablets and smartphones and because of this his team are now working on developing the site to be as user friendly as possible for these devices.

Instead of being daunted by the task of transforming WordPress into a site that is compatible with the smartphones and tablets around the world Mullenweg sees this as an opportunity to make great changes: “Mobile is giving us the chance to re-imagine…WordPress from the ground up.”

And what about the future of WordPress?  Mullenweg says that there is still plenty of life left in the blogs of the world.  It had been expected that the increase in use of mobile devices would have been a nail in the coffin for blogs but this has not proved to be the case at all and instead WordPress is working with bloggers to make sure their content reaches as many people as possible.

Blogs are now connected to all forms of social media allowing the bloggers to reach an entirely new audience potentially.  “No matter what I do, I always come home to my blog,” said Matt Mullenweg.

he concluded by adding that there would always be a special place in cyberspace for personal blogs as they contain content that you can’t find anywhere else while WordPress will still continue to develop its professional sites, and with around 17 percent of all sites powered by WordPress it looks like the future of the company is rosy.


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