Why You Should Stop Using Spinning Software

"Why You Should Stop Using Spinning Software"If you are asking the question, Why you should stop using spinning software you may be surprised to know that if you do use it, the chances are that your blog or website will completely disappear from the search engine rankings.

Spinning software used to be all of the rage until recently. If you are not familiar with it, all you had to do was place an article in the software, spend about ten minutes adapting the article and then with a click of the mouse you would be presented with hundreds of unique articles with the software company claiming that each one of these articles would be completely unique.

Now they might have been unique but the big problem was that they were absolutely rubbish. The thing was though, all of these self proclaimed guru’s would say that the articles that were produced were nothing short of fantastic. If ever there was a more fitting example of the ‘Emperors New Clothes’ then this was definitely it. Perfectly sane people, internet marketers. Would look at these articles and tell themselves that they were fine but Google has put some reality back in the equation by punishing websites and blogs which displayed this kind of spun content by dropping them from the search engines.

This is the best thing that has happened in internet marketing for a very long time, it is not difficult for the human eye to spot spun content so the advanced techniques that Google uses makes the whole process simplicity itself, so this kind of content really does have no where to hide.

So if you were looking for reasons why you should stop using spinning software, that is it in a nutshell but if you come across any of these spinning software companies telling you that they have devised something that makes spun content untraceable, just ignore them because they are telling you a pack of lies, it is just not possible for software to spin content in this way and most of the time this content will make no sense at all.

There are other reasons why you should stop using spinning software but the truth of the matter is, the reason that has just been described is enough to be going on with, use spinning software and all of the hard work that you have put into your blogs and websites over the years will amount to nothing because Google will ensure that they are no where to be seen.

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