Why You Should Have The Amazon Associates Programme As A Major Income Stream

"Amazon Associates Programme"I have been building income streams for over eight years now (doesn’t time fly when you love your work?) and one thing that always surprises me is how few people have Amazon Associates programme as one of their main income streams. I love it and have taken to it like a duck to water.

I will get a new coaching client and I will look at what income streams they have on their site and how they can make more money from their site and then I find out that they are not using Amazon.

Not just because I can get paid in gift cards and have as many DVDs as I ever want. But also because there is such variety available to me.

As many of you know I am active within the weight loss niche and my competitors are always struggling with what Clickbank ebooks to promote and with the death of The Diet Solution you can see why there is such a struggle. However if these same people used Amazon to promote products they would never be short of commissions and products to choose from.

I love it when I can put a blog together and then instead of spending hours looking for products to promote you can then just add a few Amazon products with a few mouse clicks.

Plus it gives you one element of internet marketing that I adore – you get to work outside the box.

Look at the weight loss niche for example everyone else is selling Ebooks or videos showing people how to get good abs or how to lose 10 pounds in a week. However the home gym equipment is high ticket affiliate commissions and well worth having as part of your business model.

"Amazon Associates Programme"

Plus the BEST part of Amazon affiliates system is that many people make multiple purchases on ONE affiliate link. I remember a client coming in and buying a treadmill from me and then the next day he got his entire home gym equipment and I had made over $120 in commissions with one customer.

Many people are put off from the low commissions amounts but just think like the customer above these orders do add up. And by just writing some product reviews and having the products in your ebooks you can have a very good passive income from Amazon.

And lets face it now is the best time to do it with everyone using Amazon for their online purchases.

For me though, I am one of many that promotes several times and it is so annoying to have to log in to all these different places and to get all these different commission payments that having things all one place makes life so much easier.

Just think about it and think how you can implement it into your niche.

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