Why Link Building Will Ruin Your Business

"why link building will ruin your business"Isn’t it funny how things change in internet marketing and how easy it is to get caught up in certain trends. It wasn’t to long ago when every man and his dog were shouting from the roof tops about the benefits of link farms. The guru’s were promoting all sorts of memberships to link farms or products which would allow you to generate back links at the click of a mouse but if you decide to go down that route now, your business will be ruined, no doubt about it.

Google have clamped down on this practice and if you step back for one minute and think about it, you can’t really blame them. Originally, the benefits of back links to a website was that other websites in the same niche wanted to link to them, thus giving the website more authority in the eyes of Google. When these links are nothing more than spam it completely defeats the object so I believe that Google have done the right thing.

Don’t get me wrong though, backlinks are still a valuable part of search engine optimisation, it is just that now you have to use them in the way that was originally intended and that is to obtain these links from websites which are in the same niche as yours. This will give value to your visitors and the visitors of these other websites and you will be rewarded with a higher ranking in Google, the advantages of which are to numerous to mention.

I have no doubt though that we will soon see some kind of software released which will obtain these links for you or another version of a link farm which will promise you untold riches. Do I really need to tell you to leave these things well alone, what is the point of going to all of the trouble of creating and maintaining a website only to put it all at risk by using some shady tactics in order to gain some back links.

You may have to put a bit more work in to get these back links but please believe me when I say that it will be worth it in the long run and your internet marketing business will still be going strong when those who tried to take short cuts will be left with an online business which is basically on its knees.

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