Why I Don’t Own Review Domain Names

"Why I Don’t Own Review Domain Names"So I noticed a couple of days ago that a product that I promoted heavily a few years ago has closed its doors. They now have a domain forward to a blog and the original product is gone and forgotten about.

My review posts where front page of Google for lots of different keywords relating to the product so on Clickbank I was still getting hops and they were converting well too. Not as well as they used to as a lot of people own the product and the hype has long gone.

So what I did was change the product in the review post and changed the ending with something like:

This product is no longer available but here is a fantastic new alternative for you.

And it works wonders and it is converting just as much as the original and my website will not lose any value at all.

But what about those that bought the name of the product domain name such as nameofproductreview.com?

They then have a website that was making lots of money and all of a sudden is worthless as you can hardly flip it on Flippa can they?

By having review posts on a general website instead of a product is pulled you can simply point them to a different product and its no big deal. You are not losing a website or endless revenue and its not worth worrying about.

"Why I Do Not Own Review Domain Names"Many people say that you must have the name of the product in the domain and I totally disagree as I have outranked many websites with totally different domain names and as long as the post that you point them to is SEO ready than there is reason why you wouldn’t rank for it.

So just think of that before you buy another review domain name.

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