Why I Deleted 3000 Subscribers From My Mailing List Last Week

"Deleted 3000 Subscribers From My Mailing List"We all know that list building creates freebie seekers and that from time to time new subscriber’s use free email address just for joining mailing lists. It is normal and it is totally expected.

But over time what if you end up with thousands on your mailing list that is going to people that are not interested in your products or they are simply not getting your emails?

I have affiliates for example promoting my ebooks via JV giveaway events which leads to low responses from those as they set up free email accounts to get lots of products in bulk.

So what I do is three times a year I get my manager to delete all those that have not opened any of my emails in the past six months.

I average sending out messages to my subscribers every four days so that is removing people that have not opened my last 45 messages which is clear to say they are not interested in what I have to offer.

And it also stops my Aweber lists from being turned into dead lists.

It also allows me to keep up to date with my subscribers and to make sure I have a successful mailing list with a good click through rate (CTR).

Not to mention the fact that hosting a mailing list with a lot of subscribers on via Aweber can be expensive. You wouldn’t want to be paying Aweber for your dead subscribers would you?

If you have a mailing list that is more than a year old I would highly recommend going through your dead subscribers every four months and bringing your mailing list up to date.

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