Why Having a Blog Will Put You Ahead of Your Competition in the Search Engines

"business blogging"A great blogging strategy is the cornerstone for any online business. Blogs are one of the best ways to convey what your brand is about and keep your customers informed about your products and services. When done in the right way, blogging can help you build quality links, get targeted traffic, and improve your online reputation.

Is It Worth Starting a Blog for Business?

Blogs aggregate information and make it relevant to their readers in an easy-to-read format. According to a recent study, companies that blog see 434 percent more indexed pages by the search engines, 55 percent more traffic, and 97 percent more backlinks. Blogging for business increases your visibility in search engines and boosts your popularity online.

Use your blog to prove to the world that you are an expert in your industry. Blogging gives you a competitive edge. How many of your competitors have a blog? As you write more posts on your blog, customers will begin to see you as an authority in your field. A business blog gives you the chance to share your knowledge with potential customers and build a community.

Business Blogging for SEO

When you are regularly adding new posts to your blog, the content is constantly refreshing. This means that your latest posts will be indexed by the search engine spiders that are crawling the web looking for new information. Search engines prefer websites and blogs with fresh, keyword rich content because the information is less likely to be outdated. If you update your blog on a regular basis, Google will re-index your pages more frequently and customers will be able to find your blog easily.

If you build your blog within your website, you will increase traffic and backlinks. This will help you achieve a top position in search results and send your message to a wider audience. Blogging is a low cost alternative to having an online presence. Learning the basic skills of good content management and SEO are keys to better search engine rankings for bloggers.

Your blog is a powerful marketing tool. Use it to show your customers why they should choose you over your competitors. Show them how you work and how your solution to their problems is unique. Blogging is not as difficult as it seems. People have questions and a great blog answers them. Using your blog as a key element in your marketing campaign gives you a chance to reach new customers and build a dynamic community that exchanges information, solutions, and opinions about your products.

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