Why Haven’t You Created A Facebook Business Page

"Why Haven't You Created A Facebook Business Page"If you are in business and haven’t yet created a Facebook business page you are leaving money on the table, it really is as simple as that. I have seen internet marketing change so much over the years, I can remember only a few years ago telling people why they must have a website. That now seems like a pretty obvious statement to make and who would have thought that I would now be talking about something that wasn’t even around only a few years ago.

It is now common knowledge that every man and his dog has a Facebook account, even people that you wouldn’t even imagine having one now use Facebook as a way to stay in touch with each other. What I have also been seeing a lot of lately is when successful businesses are operating a marketing campaign it is their Facebook business page that they are promoting as opposed to their website. I would therefore strongly advise you to take the hint if you haven’t already got a Facebook business page and get one out there as soon as possible.

If you are looking to brand your Facebook business page, don’t worry that it will cost you a fortune because it won’t, have a look on Fiverr where there are people who will be only to willing to set you up. Whatever you do though, don’t just set up a Facebook business page and leave it at that. Use it in your marketing activities, log into it on a daily basis and add useful information.

I would have to add a word of warning here though, when you are working on your Facebook business account, be strict with yourself that you don’t mix business with pleasure. I know from personal experience that you can go into Facebook and the an hour or two later realise that you haven’t actually done any work, the time has just been spent reading about what your friends are doing.

I know it should be obvious but in this case, don’t mix business with pleasure, concentrate on the business side of Facebook and when you see the fantastic results that are achievable you will no doubt come to the conclusion that your Facebook friends can wait until another day. Just get started asap and Facebook will definitely play a major part of your online business marketing plan.

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