Why Check Your Alexa Rank?

"Why Check Your Alexa Rank?"Some people ask why it is important to why check your alexa rank but when you investigate this further it becomes obvious why a high Alexa ranking is so good for your business. If you are not familiar with Alexa rankings, the lower the number the better. The top Google ranking at the moment is Google at number one with Facebook following closely behind at 2.

As your website or blog becomes more popular, your Alexa ranking will improve so on that fact alone it is always a good idea to keep on checking to see where you stand in Alexa as a gauge to how your website is doing at any given time.

A high page rank will give you more credibility and can often open doors for you in terms of advertising opportunities as well as many other aspects of internet marketing. If you are wondering why check your alexa rank and that it must be extremely hard to achieve a high ranking, it should be noted that alexa have some fantastic tools on offer which are free to use and will greatly help you to achieve a higher ranking.

For instance, it is widely thought that if you have the Alexa toolbar installed on your computer it actually helps with the ranking, there are also various pieces of code that you can place on your blog or website which will help so it is definitely worth investigating further.

The advantages of a high Alexa ranking are endless and if you ever come to selling your blog or website for example, a high Alexa ranking is most definitely a selling point and could quite easily add a decent amount of money to what could have otherwise been obtained.

It could be said that Alexa encourages webmasters to make sure that their blogs and websites are of the highest quality, if they are not their Alexa ranking will be more of a hinderence as opposed to a benefit but if you are someone who is of the firm belief that quality counts, then the question, why check your alexa rank, will be an easy one for you to answer because your website will be up there with the best of them and you will be able to proudly boast of a high Alexa ranking to anyone who asks, and reap the fantastic rewards that always go with it.

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