What Social Media Channels Should You Use with Your Online Business

"social media channels"More companies than ever are turning to social media to connect with customers and increase sales. There is no doubt that social networking has become a powerful marketing tool for building brand awareness and generating new business. Over nine million businesses are using Facebook. Approximately 50 percent of customers who use this social network claim that they are likely to buy products from a company they “like” on Facebook.

With so many social media channels available to business owners, what’s the best option?


About 42 percent of online business owners are active on Facebook. This social network gives you the opportunity to connect with your prospects and grow your business. With over 850 million users, Facebook is the largest social media channel out there. Users can join networks organized by city, region, school, and workplace. Business owners have access to an innovative platform that allows them to promote events and company information to prospective clients.

This social media site has seen the mistakes of former top social networks like My Space. As a result, it is constantly adding new features to keep users engaged. You can create a page for your business, share industry news, and keep people informed about your products and services.


Founded in 2004, this micro blogging platform has quickly become a way of life for millions of users. Twitter is all about following people that you wish you knew. As a business owner, you can use this social network to contact other experts in your industry and share the latest news about your company. If someone follows you, you can follow him back. Therefore, it is easier to gain loyal fans, but they won’t be as targeted as they are on Facebook.

With instant access to news stories and friend updates, Twitter is one of the most popular social media channels. The typical user tweets from an iPhone rather than a computer. If your website is optimized for mobile devices, sharing your latest posts on Twitter will help you expand your reach. In a matter of seconds, you will know exactly what your audience is interested in.


A typical LinkedIn profile is pretty much like an online resume. This social network is an excellent resource for people looking to network with industry leaders and other professionals. You can use LinkedIn to build business connections, find potential employees, post jobs, and gather information about people before you do business with them.

Other popular social media channels include Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram, Tumblr, and FourSquare. Each of these networks has pros and cons. Find out where your customers spend their time online, interact with them, and give your business a human face.

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