What Should You Look For In Your Hosting Provider?

"what should you look for in your hosting provider"If you are not happy with your hosting provider or are looking for a new one the obvious question being asked is what should you look for in a hosting provider? Every host out there claims to be the very best but we all know from experience that this is definitely not the case.

So what is it that makes a hosting provider stand head and shoulders above the rest and do you have to pay an arm and a leg in order to use the best. To start with, even though most people are working to some kind of budget in their internet marketing business, even the better hosts offer extraordinary value for money and are actually quite cheap, so price is not really a big issue for most people.

What is a big issue though is having customer support who are able to help you when you have a problem. Even though I have been involved in the industry for years, I often come across issues when uploading a file or making alterations to a website and I need the problem sorting out as soon as possible. Nine times out of ten it is something simple that can be put right in a matter of seconds but over the years, I have been with hosting companies whose support staff are about as unhelpful as it is possible to be and you have to wait days in some cases in order to get an answer.

In my opinion, having a knowledgeable and helpful live chat in place is of paramount importance as this can mean the difference between your website being online and making money or being offline and a complete waste of time.

On that subject, it is also important when choosing a hosting provider that their down time is at an absolute minimum. It won’t take long to research this online but if there are lots of complaints I wouldn’t touch them with a bargepole as it will end up losing you an awful lot of money.

So there you have it, if you base your decision on those two factors, customer service and downtime you won’t go far wrong and it could well be the case that the hosting provider that you first choose could very well end up fulfilling your needs for years to come, don’t forget though, there are plenty of others out there should they ever fail to meet the mark.

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