What Is Your Websites Bounce Rate?

"What Is Your Websites Bounce Rate?"In order to make the most of your website traffic it is extremely important to know what is your websites bounce rate because if it is high, there is something that is not quite tight and it may be that a few small tweaks will get you on the right path to improving the bounce rate.

If you are not familiar with a website’s bounce rate and what it involves, it is basically a measure of the amount of visitors to your website who leave after visiting that first page, so what it is really saying is that your visitors are not really finding what they are looking for. It could be that you are not targeting the right visitors or it could be that your home page or landing page are just not up to the standard that is required.

At the other end of the scale, a low bounce rate means that your visitors are finding exactly what they are looking for so you don’t have to make any alterations. It is always a good idea to keep an eye out to what is your websites bounce rate on a regular basis just to make sure that you are keeping on top of things.

As long as your blog or website is pleasing on the eye, the biggest problem when it comes to a high bounce rate is the content that greets the visitors. If the content is poorly written or on a subject that is not in common with the theme of the website, the visitors will do exactly what you would think they would do, they will leave, hence the high bounce rate.

It is not just the home or landing page that you need to keep a check on, if possible you will need to know what is your websites bounce rate on all of the pages, get this right with a low bounce rate on all of them and Bob really is your uncle because when visitors arrive they will stay to see what else they can find and hopefully you will make some sales along the way.

When you consider the amount of time and effort that you go to in order to generate traffic, it should follow that you should make every effort to make sure that this website traffic stays as opposed to leaving straight away and in the future, when you are asked what is your websites bounce rate, you will know exactly what it is.

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