What Is Reputation Management and Why Do You Need It for Your Business?

"online reputation management"Whether you own a local business or a big company, it is important to build a good reputation and gain your customers’ trust. Reputation management involves shaping public perception of an individual or business by influencing online information about that entity. This practice aims to identify what other people are saying or feeling about your business. A company that offers reputation management services will monitor your reputation, addressing contents that are damaging to it. If you want to attract customers and create a strong online presence, you need to invest time and effort into building and maintaining a good reputation.

Why Is Online Reputation Management Important?

Research shows that over 80 percent of people are more likely to buy products recommended by family and friends. About 90 percent of customers trust recommendations from others. Today’s customers conduct extensive research on products and brands before making a purchase. If you want to build a successful business and generate sales, your reputation must be in good standing.

The traffic to the top 10 review sites grew up to 158 percent last year. More than 70 of buyers read reviews before purchasing. Approximately 97 percent of those who bought a product based on online reviews found the review to be accurate. Statistics indicate that 75 percent of clients don’t believe that companies tell the truth in advertisements.

These figures show that a good reputation is essential for your success. A solid reputation can be destroyed overnight. Failing to pay attention to what customers say about your products doesn’t mean that those comments don’t exist. It is important that you constantly monitor your online reputation and keep a close eye on what is said about your company on review sites, social networks, chat boards, and industry news sites.

How to Improve Your Online Reputation

When people search for information about your business, they should find your company’s website, your social media profiles, and positive reviews. There are various ways to improve your online reputation. Create interesting messages that people want to share. Set a schedule for online engagement. Interact with your customers on forums, blogs and social networks. Ask them to leave feedback and reviews.

Search engine optimization is now part of brand building. If you want to improve your online reputation, start with your website or blog. Post engaging content that offers real value to your audience. Remember that what happens online stays online. Every comment, every response and every status update is stored on a server someplace. Pay attention to your online activity and learn to handle negative feedback. Set up an action plan and put yourself in a strong position by having a trustworthy website that commands attention from anyone interested in your brand.

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