What Is Google Plus One And Why Do You Need It?

"What Is Google Plus One And Why Do You Need It?"You will no doubt be familiar with Facebook and the like button which you click if you see something that interests you, it is massively popular so you didn’t think for one minute did you, that Google would sit on the sidelines and not come up with their own version.

Well they have and it is called Google plus one. It works in a similar way to the Facebook ‘like’ button in that if someone comes across a piece of information that they like, they can ‘plus one’ it. Now you may be saying that that is all very well but what an earth has that got to do with you and how can you use it to improve your SEO and internet marketing business in general.

Well, there has been a great deal of speculation with regards to how many Google plus one users there actually are, it is thought that Google exaggerates the figures slightly in their battle with Facebook to achieve a greater market share but there is little doubt that the figure is increasing every day and we are actually talking in the hundreds of millions here.

Anyway, back to the point of Google plus one. If you have the option on your blog or website which enables your visitors to click on the Google plus one button when they see something that they like, when any of the millions of Google plus one users makes a Google search for a related terms, the item on your website which has been, for want of a better word, ‘liked’ will appear in the search engine results. As the person who is searching will see that this is the case they will be far more likely to visit your blog or website to see for themselves.

The effort to optimise your website with Google plus one is minimal and whilst at the moment it is still very much in its infancy it is definitely worth adding to your arsenal of SEO techniques. As usual, I have to give my usual warning of not to try any funny business in order to try and take a short cut with Google plus one but it really can only get bigger and bigger and I have little doubt that it will be responsible for lots of high quality traffic for everyone who gets involved over the months and years ahead.

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