What is Deep Linking

"What is Deep Linking"If you are just getting into business as an Internet marketer, allow me to welcome you aboard. I am glad that you are on our site and reading our blog posts. I hope that you are finding the information presented here useful for your newfound business.

In the Internet marketing industry, there are many terms that you need to know. These terms relate to different tasks, components and aspects of the Internet marketing industry. One common term that you will often hear is deep linking. For a dictionary-like definition of deep linking, this term refers to creating a hyperlink on the Web that links back to a specific page or image on a website. They are different from a regular linking, which refers to creating a hyperlink that links back a website’s main or home page.

Why would you want to use a deep link? Well, let’s say that you are discussing a specific product or service that you offer on your website in a blog post; if you want to promote that product or service in that blog post, then you would add a deep link, which would take your readers directly to that product or service on your website when they click on it. This is beneficial to your business because it allows people to go directly to the product or service that you offer without having to search through your site. Think of it as instant gratification; and people really like instant gratification.

So, you want to create a deep link; how do you do it? Well, it’s actually quite simple. To create a deep link, you must highlight the URL of the page that offers the product or service that you want to link to on your website and copy it. Highlight the word or phrase that you want to add the link to in your blog post, press release, etc. Locate the linking option on your website, which often resembles a link in a chain, and past the URL to that page into the appropriate space, when prompted. Simply hit ‘add link’ after you paste in the URL. The URL of the page will be added the word or phrase that you have selected and you have thus, created a deep link. I strongly recommend that you check your links after you create them to make sure that they take you to the intended page.

Deep linking can be quite beneficial to your Internet marketing business, as they can increase your sales with ease.

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