What Is A Reciprocal Link?

"What Is A Reciprocal Link?"There are many terms that you are going to need to be familiar with if you are getting involved in the Internet marketing industry, and one of these terms is ‘reciprocal link.’ There are a variety of different linking terms that are used in Internet marketing that may seem a bit confusing and difficult to understand at first, but this particular type of link is very easy to understand.

In plain English, a reciprocal link is exactly what it sounds like; essentially, it means that you would put a link to your website on my website, and in return, I would put a link to my website onto your website. With this type of linking, two website owners agree to place links to one another’s websites.

What is the point of reciprocal linking? Well, this is also pretty easy to understand; a reciprocal link exchange is used as a means of promoting a website for free. This type of link exchange benefits not only the webmasters of the websites, but it also benefits the readers of the site. For the webmasters, the link exchange offers more exposure of their site, as their site become visible to a wider audience. For the readers of the sites, they are provided with easy access to another website that pertains information that relates to the site that they are already searching, which means that they won’t have to do another search and sort through the search results in order to find further information on the topic of interest.

As you can imagine, reciprocal linking brings more traffic to your website because the readers of one website will be provided with the link to your website, which expands your potential readership. It also helps to get you a better ranking on the search engines. This is so because the majority of search engines look at the number of websites that contain links to your site and the more links that are found to your site on another site, the better your search engine ranking will be.

If you are interested in participating in reciprocal linking, you can easily get on board with other sites. Search the Web for sites that relate to your website (but that are not direct competitors,) check their link pages to see if they are accepting reciprocal links and submit your information. You will be surprised at the impact that such a simple concept can have on your website.

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