What Does Your Website Say about You and Your Company?

"successful business website"Statistics show that only 54 percent of small business owners have their own websites. Many of those who have a site are overlooking the importance of a strong online presence. First impressions are everything. An interesting business site with an eye-catching design and fresh content will attract new customers and increase brand awareness. If you want to keep readers coming back, it’s worth your time and money to get it right.

Use Your Website to Your Advantage

Your business website is a powerful marketing tool that reflects your brand and tells your story. The way your website looks can make or break your online success. How many times have you come across a site or blog that hasn’t been updated for months or years? What if that website was yours? You only have one chance to make a first impression.

A well designed website that offers valuable content will help you build stronger relationships with your clients and build brand loyalty. Your site should sell to your ideal customer. The information you provide should convert into sales. Most business owners should have at least three goals in mind when creating a website: to capture leads, to build an online presence, and to gain a competitive edge.

Create a Successful Business Website

Set up your website with ease-of-use and functionality in mind. Overly designed web pages filled with background music and flash animations annoy visitors. At the bare minimum, your business site shout include an Abous Us page, a clearly designed product catalog, and contact information. Add original articles regularly and write about the latest events in your industry. Avoid overly extravagant Flash introductions and common clip art. After all, you wouldn’t hang an ugly sign on your storefront.

It is important to let users know very quickly what your site is about. Choose an eye-pleasing design and graphic elements that reflect your brand. People immediately respond to images, colors, proportions and other elements. If they like what they feel, you’ve won half the battle. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and create a website that inspires trust and conveys competence.

The words and content of your website should entice customers. With every article or message, you should give them a reason to choose you over your competitors. Always keep in mind who your prospects are, and create content based on their needs and preferences. Assess your competitors and search for ways to stand out in the customer’s eyes.

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