What are Meta Tags?

"what are meta tags"Meta tags are an extremely important aspect of internet marketing, especially search engine optimisation and the short time that it takes you to learn about how to use them properly will pay you dividends over the months and years ahead.

Meta tags are actually html codes which are put into the header of a web page, these meta tags are not seen by anyone who visits a website but instead are seen by the search engines, hence the importance with regard to search engine optimisation. There are other types of meta tags such as the meta copyright tag but we will concentrate on the meta description tag and meta keyword tag that goes in the header.

It is important that you spend some time on the meta description tag because even though visitors to your website do no see it, it is listed in the search engine listing for your website and it is what can make people make the decision to visit your website or not.

The way I always write the meta description is I imagine what would make me interested in what the site has to offer. We are only talking about a a maximum of 25 words here so it is important that you keep it short and to the point. Just give yourself 15 minutes and you will come up with something that will fit the bill perfectly.

The meta keyword tag is what you probably expect, it where you list a number of keywords and phrases which best describe your website, it is worth carrying out some keyword research here but whatever you do, don’t fall into the trap of inserting keywords into this meta tag that have no relevance at all to the subject of your website. I can assure you that Google will not turn a blind eye to this and you will be made to pay in terms of poor search engine rankings.

I could go on all day about meta tags but there is really no need, as long as you know the basics you can pick the rest up as you go along. Don’t let it all overwhelm you though because it will then be just another obstacle which will stop you from achieving your internet marketing dreams. You will see what I mean if you do a Google search on meta tags, I will say no more except keep it simple, that is all of the information you need!

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