5 Ways to Make Your Content Go Viral

"viral content"Every marketer’s dream is to create content that spreads like wildfire and explodes in popularity. Unfortunately, there’s no exact formula that can predict whether or not your articles will go viral. However, there are a few things you can do to attract readers and put your content in the spotlight. Having remarkable content doesn’t guarantee that your work will go viral. With high quality content at hand, the next step is make your posts shared, emailed, and commented.

Deliver Positive Information

Negative content is less likely to become viral. People want positive information. Find things that you are passionate about. Try to avoid negative words like “no” or “not.” These words will cheer you and your readers up.

Use Infographics

Infographics are among some of the most frequently shared types of online content. Images are used instead of text to convey the same message virtually. The best place to post infographics is a blog or content section on your ecommerce site. That way, when people share the infographics page and link to your content, the link authority and shares benefit the whole domain. This type of content is a staple of social media communication and can be found everywhere on the Web.

Be Creative

If you want your content to go viral, it needs to have something special, something that sets it apart from everything else being shared on the Internet. Create content that tells the world who you are and where you stand. If you can craft your own unique, appealing characters, you could see a substantial flow of traffic and increased brand recognition.

Focus on Emerging Trends

Writing about a popular trend and putting your own spin on it can make your content go viral. The key is to make sure that your article adds something new to that topic. Since Google’s latest updates give preferential treatment to timely content, you could also benefit in the search results.

Add Visual Elements

People love pictures. When you have interesting, relevant pictures on your site, readers are more likely to share your content. Every time you post something on your wall, most social networks automatically pick up the images embedded with your article. If you use visually appealing pictures, chances are more people will share them.

Focus on the quality of a post or image, instead of its potential to go viral. Appealing to your readers’ needs and wishes will help you build a high trafficked site with regular visitors and email subscribers.

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