5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Landing Page

"landing page"There’s no better way to increase your return on investment and boost conversions than by improving your landing page. Slow load times, poor quality text, and bad design are just a few challenges. With all the money spent on search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising, many marketers forget that the most important factor that determines their success is the effectiveness of their landing page.

Customers inevitably formulate a snap judgment based on the content of the page, the way it kooks and other factors. When someone lands on your page, you want him to pick up the phone and call you, subscribe to your list, or make a purchase.

Here are five easy ways to improve your landing page:

Have a Clear Call to Action

Make sure your landing page has a clear call to action. Don’t hide it beneath an image. Keep your call to action above the fold. You need to make it clear to customers what they should do next. Ask them to download a product, register on your site, or sign up for your offer.

Focus on One Action Only

Your landing page should be dedicated to one task only. If you are running multiple campaigns, use separate landing pages for each. More than one action will have a negative impact on your conversion rate and dilute the focus away from your primary event.

Use Trust Elements

If you want your prospects to take action, they must trust you and your brand. Add customer reviews and testimonials on your page, as well as reassuring policies, guarantees, and rebates. Don’t bury these elements at the bottom of the page. Put them next to your sign up form or at the top of the page.

Create Winning Headlines

Many business owners don’t understand what truly motivates their prospects. A successful headline can increase your conversion rate and send your message to the targeted audience. Your headline is one of the first things a visitor reads, so it should be clear and concise. Tell the whole story with a single compelling headline.

Add Simple Web Forms

Your sign up forms should be simple and clear. Few people will fill out the form if it’s too long and intrusive. Ask for as little information and possible. If you’re not going to use the data then leave it alone. Asking for information that you don’t need is simply asking for your conversion rate to be lower than it should be.

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