Victoria And David Beckham Use eBay To Raise Money For Charity

"ebay beckhams donation"Victoria and David Beckham will be using eBay to help raise money for victims of Typhoon Halyan by auctioning off personal items of clothing from each of their collections.

The generous couple, who are known for their fashion sense and style, have already donated many items to a local British Red Cross charity shop in Kensington and Chelsea with the donations raising thousands for the charitable cause already.

David and Victoria Beckham donated shoes, clothes and accessories to the charity shops in London to start the fund raising and when people found out that such high quality items were going to be in the shop many then queued to gain access to the treasure trove of goodies on display.

The item that raised them most money in the charity shops was a pair of boots donated by Victoria by Gina.  The boots raised £200 and were the highest priced items while a tie from David was the cheapest item and was sold for just £25.

While fans of the celebrity couple may feel upset that they missed out on the chance to own a piece of the Beckham wardrobes fans are in luck because more of the items donated by the couple are now up for sale on the auction website eBay.

The charity sale on eBay has seen a very rare tuxedo being put up for sale by David Beckham and it has already gained many bids.

The tuxedo was worn by Davis Beckham to an awards ceremony which was also attended by the Duchess of Cambridge.  The suit so far is up for £3,000 and could well make far more as time goes on.

Other items that are up for sale from the Beckhams include many designer items including shoes from Jimmy Choo and items from Roberto Cavalli and Dolce & Gabana.

While the Beckhams have already been very generous they are now urging others to do the same to help raise money for the victims of the Typhoon which has left tens of thousands dead and many more without homes, food or medication.

A spokesman from the British Red Cross said of the charity sale in London featuring items from the Beckhams: “”There were hundreds and hundreds of people here.

“People had been queuing all round the block for a few hours before we opened our doors. I have never seen anything like it, it was manic.

“This was absolutely the most people we had ever had visit our store in one day. We knew it would be popular but we were overwhelmed.”

Now the focus of the fundraising has turned to eBay but people are still being encouraged to support the cause by making their own clothing donations to the red Cross.

“This was an amazingly generous donation and it is helping us to raise vital awareness of our work in the Philippines.

“The focus is on encouraging others to clear out their wardrobes and drop off clothes at their local Red Cross shop.”



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