Using Outsourcing To Build Brand New Income Streams

"Income Stream Tips"On an average week I must read 20 new ebooks and short reports. I am not a fan of videos so they will all be in PDF format.

Some will be 100 pages long, where as others will be as low as 6 pages. What they all have in common is that there are all information products with new or current techniques so that I can test out something new.

I love learning new things in internet marketing and believe that it never stops and there will always be new things that come onto the market. And to keep ahead in this business I need to have my head in a PDF.

Many internet marketers are set to the opinion that they know everything and anything new is not worth their time. And they will be the ones that will be stuck behind trying to make a living from Adsense or use Ezinearticles for their traffic.

I also love the idea that I can take their ideas and put my own mark on it. Such as when everyone else was talking about FB $0.01 ads with CPM I was achieving it with CPC :)

But most of us simply don’t have the time to make all this happen – and are limited on times and resources so this is how I do it.

Download Ebooks

First of all I always read the ebooks on my tablet. So Dominic will download the ebooks and put them on my tablet for me. I will then read them throughout the week while watching television and decide which ones are worth implementing.

The good ones will always grab my attention straight away. Others not so good may be 70 pages long but will still have a great idea in them that I will keep.

Delete Ebooks

Any that are no good I will delete and then I will keep the rest and store them on my laptop with notes in excel telling me which pages where of interest.

Generally I will find really good ideas from 1 in every 5 ebooks I read. So on an average week of 20 ebooks I will keep 4 of them.

Outsource The Process

Then once I have read them and decide which methods I want to put to good use, I will then outsource the process through a member of my team.

The majority of the time it is a very basic data entry job in doing the task so this new method can be tried for $1 an hour.

So even if you needed someone to work for you for 10 hours on this new project, $10 is then worth spending to check if something works or not.

Rinse & Repeat

Once you get a method that you like rinse and repeat. If you have found a fantastic way to get new traffic and it brings in 1000 new visitors a month, do it ten times over so that you are bringing in an extra 10,000 visitors a month.

If something doesn’t work as much as you had expected – then ditch it. You have to be able to associate between good and bad so that you can grow your business quickly.

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    Darryl Smith January 20, 2014, 11:27 pm

    I like your method, but I think that the amount of reading needed might blow a fuse in my head with all that information. How do you cope with overload, or is it a skill you had to develop as a self defense?
    You once again go with the fail fast and move on, which seems to be your favorite!

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      Admin January 21, 2014, 9:06 am

      Hi Darryl,

      If you saw how much reading I do, then you would certainly blow a fuse. I never stop and must read lots of ebooks, blog posts and reports each and every month.

      Some people deal with info overload better than others. What I tend to do is have a to do list for what I need to get done this week, a monthly one and then an ideas file.

      Then when I clear my urgent work I work through my ideas file and I am always trying new things. I give new things a little time to work out before I move on. But with so many options and ideas I do not give them as long as I would if I was a newbie.

      Kind regards



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