US Ruling On Google Will Not Affect European Investigation

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Allegations that Google gives prominence to its own service within search results have been dismissed in the US but the European Commission has said that this finding will not affect their own investigation into the company.

Earlier in the week the US Federal Trade Commission found that Google had done no wrong with the FTC stating that after a two year investigation into the case that “Google’s primary purpose…was to improve the user experience.”

While Google may be more than pleased with the results of the FTC investigation, competitor Microsoft immediately condemned the findings.

Dave Heiner, the chief lawyer for Microsoft said: “The FTC’s overall resolution of the matter is weak and frankly unusual.  We are concerned that the FTC may not have obtained adequate relief even on the few subjects that Google has agreed to address.”

He added: “The litmus test of any antitrust outcome is the set of statements made by the company on the day the outcome is announced…Google seems to be walking with a new spring in its step.”

In the US the issue may not have still been fully resolved and if Microsoft have anything to do with it the investigation will be reopened or resumed but in the EU Google are still being investigated over claims that it gives preference to its own products in search results through Google.

Here the EU will be looking to see if Google pushes up the results of its own products at the expense of downgrading the results of other products not affiliated with Google.  In the US it was found that any of the search results were done in the best interests of the consumer and the user and because of this it was not considered to be an abuse of the power that the company holds when it comes to search engine results around the globe.

Microsoft spoke of the lack of consultation in the US investigation and said: “We would have explained that Google’s promise on ad campaign portability falls short of the mark in various ways.  For example, Google inexplicabiliy has not promised to allow advertisers to port their campaign to other ad platforms – only those with a primary billing address in the US” this penalises the many advertisers who do not have US based addresses.

The controversy surrounding Google will continue on until the findings of the EU report are revealed and rivals of Google will be looking for a more favourable outcome of this investigation taking place across the pond.




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