Twitter Vine Users Unable To Contact Friends Through Facebook

"vine twitter"The rivalry between twitter and Facebook has taken a new turn with the latest twist to the sage coming with Facebook stopping Twitter users from contacting friends on the social network through the new Twitter Vine app.

Vine is a new video sharing application from Twitter but after only a day of being available Facebook have stopped these users from connecting their posts to their Facebook friends.

Any Twitter users who tried to log on and share videos through vine today will have been greeted with an error message saying that they are not authorised to do this now.

Twitter and Facebook are increasingly becoming less connected with Instagram being an example of this and users finding it more and more difficult to share information between the two platforms.

There has as yet been no comment from either Twitter or Facebook about the development.

Twitter used to work closely with Instagram but since it was bought by Facebook this has come to an end with it then coming to light that Twitter had made a bid themselves to buy the photo app for $525 million.

It has also been suggested that Twitter had previously had a verbal agreement that they would buy Instagram but this turned sour and ended up with Facebook taking control of the company.

Advertising is key to social networks and as this revenue becomes harder to come by the social networks are becoming increasingly protective of their users and not wanting them to leave their platform and being redirected to another.

Both twitter and Facebook have introduced new policies making it harder for users to connect through both the platforms with Twitter announcing that it has tightened its own rules on what third party applications are able to do on the micro blogging site.

But while Facebook and Twitter continue their rivalry it is widely agreed by experts that the only losers in the fight are the users of the platforms who are now finding it harder than ever to share information, which was the crux of social media in the first place.

Both Twitter and Facebook are trying to keep users focused on only their own platforms by creating their own alternatives to popular apps with twitter launching its own version of Instagram to enable users to post similar styled photos.

The future of the cooperation between Twitter and Facebook is certainly looking doubtful unless some sort of agreement can be made between these two social media giants and in the meantime us users will have to work out the best ways to share our information without the help of either platform.


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