Twitter To Launch New Music App

"twitter music app"Twitter have announced that they will be launching a new application for the micro blogging site allowing users to interact with music while using the social media platform.

The exact details about the new Twitter music app are still unclear but what is clear is that Twitter are looking to use the micro blogging site as a means for users to interact with followers about the music they are listening to and enjoying.

Twitter set up a web page on Friday which simply showed the logo of Twitter and then #music.  With this there was also a sign in option which when clicked asked users to allow a music trending app to allow access to their account.

It is being said that this new music app from Twitter will update profiles and even post Tweets on their behalf about music they are listening to and then also suggesting music that their friends may want to be listening to.

Many experts in the industry are pointing to the fact that Twitter recently acquired We Are Hunted, a programme that suggests music that you may want to listen to based on what is being said on social media networks and in different conversations.  Twitter finally admitted that they had bought the company following weeks of rumours on Thursday.

A spokesman from Twitter refused to give details about the buying of We Are Hunted but did confirm that the site would be shutting down in the near future but that it would “continue to create services that will delight you, as part of the Twitter team.”

Music recommendations through social media platforms have become increasingly popular with many online services adding updates to social media feeds allowing the friends of users to be able to see the music that they are listening to and enjoying.

Twitter is seen as potentially a much stronger platform for music promotion in this way rather than Facebook mainly because music is one of the most tweeted about subjects on the network.

Many artists use Twitter to launch new songs or to promote material already so an app that can harness this interest could be of great interest to Twitter users looking for new sources of music or the latest news and new songs from their favourite artists.

Twitter has been used for some time to be able to see trends in what people are interested in, especially in popular culture, so the new app could show new and existing artists just who the public are interested in listening to and what songs are the most popular around the world at any one point.

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