Twitter Survey Reveals Pros For Advertisers

"twitter mobile survey"Twitter have conducted a survey about the users of the micro blogging which has revealed that their users are on average more engaged with brands than other forms of social media.

The survey focused on the mobile audience of Twitter, an area where the social media platform has recently excelled where other social networks have not been so fast to latch on to.

Twitter conducted the survey in conjunction with Compete which found that users spend more times interacting with brands and also following brands and spending an increased time looking at details and tweets from these brands.

The results of the survey are sure to have been published to encourage brands to embrace Twitter for advertising purposes and the figures are certainly encouraging for anyone who may be considering a campaign on Twitter.

According to the study Twitter users accessing the site from a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet are 96 percent more likely to follow eleven or more brands while the average Twitter user on a home computer only follows an average of five or more brands.

When it came to how effective advertising on the mobile Twitter platform the survey found that mobile users were 58 percent more likely to recall seeing the advert.

And mobile Twitter users are generally more engaged in the service than those on a home computer with them being 68 percent more likely to click on a link, 85 percent more likely to favourite a tweet and 78 percent more likely to retweet – all important aspects for any brand looking to increase their exposure on Twitter.

Users who engage with Twitter primarily on their mobile devices are a massive 169 percent more likely to use Twitter when they are out shopping and 301 percent more likely to use it on the move between home and work or on other journeys.

Twitter users on their phones and tablets are 157 percent more likely to use the service when they wake up in the morning and 129 percent more likely yo use it when going to sleep.

The most prevalent group of Twitter mobile users are between the ages of 18 and 34 with 52 percent of this age group stating that they mainly use Twitter on their mobile device.

Having Twitter on your mobile makes you more likely to also use the service several times a day and far more often than if it is only accessed via a fixed computer.

The world of mobile social media advertising is a very competitive one and figures such as this are sure to boost the confidence of advertising with Twitter, especially to younger markets.

It has been reported that Twitter earns more from advertising through their mobile app than both Facebook and Apple but that they are still a very long way from reaching revenues brought in by Google.

Facebook recently revealed that 23 percent of their total revenue came from mobile advert revenue, demonstrating the importance of this emerging market for social media networks.


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    Gail Trahd February 14, 2013, 7:44 pm

    Great breakdown of the survey results! I have a new offline client I’ll be working with next week – it will be fun to integrate Twitter for him.



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