Twitter Sued For £32 Million Over Anti Semitic Tweets

"twitter france court"Students in France are to sue the micro blogging site Twitter for £32 million after Twitter failed to release the identities of the people behind anti-Semitic tweets.

A report by the AFP says that the Union of French Jewish Students are to now sue Twitter with a law suit filed in Paris.  The students claim that Twitter have failed to honour a ruling to identify users who posted the comments.

The case refers to twitter users who made jokes about the Holocaust and made death threats under the hashtag of #UnBonJuif (a good Jew).

Jonathan Hayoun, the president of the Union of French Jewish Students told the french news agency: “Twitter is playing the indifference card and dies not respect the ruling.

“They have resolved to protect the anonymity of the authors of these tweets and have made themselves accomplices to racists and anti-Semites.”

If the students win the case they have said that they will donates the damages they win to holocaust charities.

Twitter have failed to give up the names of the people who posted the tweets because the company claim that they are protected by the First amendment being as they are an American company.

A court in France had already ruled in January that Twitter were obliged to identify the people who had made the racist tweets and had ruled that despite twitter being an American company any internet users who posted comments to the site from France are subject to prosecution under French hate speech laws.

Many incredibly racist comments were made under the hastag of #UnBonJuif last year and it became the third highest trending topic in France for 2012.

Anti Semitic remarks included jokes about the physical appearance of Jewish people all the way to “A good Jew is cooked medium rare” and even included one with an image showing a picture of dust ion a dustpan.

The case is another example of how different countries are trying to impose their own national laws on to social media sites and networking sites and brings forward the debate of free speech and whether this should be censored by individual governments.

While most people agree that people should be able to air their views freely on social media networks without fear of being identified by the authorities the line becomes very blurred when it involves such openly racist comments being made and the students are looking to expose these people and their trues identities to the world.



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