Twitter Releases Its Own Instagram Type Photo Filter

"new twitter photo filter"Only days after Instagram photos started to become unable to be viewed in full on Twitter the micro blogging site has released its very own version of fancy photo filters for users.

Users of Instagram found that their photos were either not uploading at all to the Twitter feed or were having trouble viewing the pictures without visiting the external Instagram site.

But to respond to users needs and to fill the very large void left by Instagram Twitter have released their own photo service with similar looking filters to those found on Instagram.

According to The Guardian newspaper Twitter have said that their new filters would allow users to be able to more easily share their thoughts and expressions through photography on Twitter.

The removal of a full Instagram service on Twitter has been seen  by many as the intensification of a battle between Facebook, the proud new owners of Instagram and their social media rivals Twitter.

The only losers in this social media war appears to have been the users who have lost photos or have had their experience of both Twitter and Instagram hindered because of the changes.

Co founder of Twitter, Biz Stone, took to Twitter for some social media banter about the situation and tweeted “Bummer my Instagram photo didn’t show up on Twitter (Systrom Failure?).

The Tweet is believed to be aimed at the CEO of Instagram, Kevin Systrom.

Last week Kevin Systrom referred to the need for Instagram to be able to take control of user content more actively and the move on Twitter is thought to reflect this desire.

But while Twitter have come up with a quick solution for users, Instagram has fought back by offering Instagram fans an update for the app with new camera and filter features.

There have been reports of some Instagram fans coming up with ways to trick the system and post photos for the app on Twitter anyway but this form of hacking appears to be an extreme way to show your photos on social media.

What commentators can agree on is that the latest changes to access through multiple social media platforms shows that the goal posts are moving and it is becoming increasingly difficult to share for users.

Restricting the use of social media platforms leaves the users the ones who are losing out on a more complete social media experience.


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