Twitter Gives Warnings To News Agencies About Possible Attacks

"twitter security"British newspaper The Guardian, have become the latest victims of a Twitter hack and the team at Twitter have now taken the opportunity to warn all news agencies to tighten their Twitter security against the possibility of a hack.

The attack on The Guardian is the latest from a group known as the Syrian Electronic Army, a group who are known to support the Syrian President.

This latest attack on Twitter accounts comes after an attack claiming to be from the same group led to post being tweeted on the Associated Press website saying that there had been a bombing at the White House and President Obama had been injured.

On Monday Twitter sent an email to news organisations urging them to assess their internal measures for social media and to ensure that they are using a password for their Twitter account that is at least 20 characters long and is made up of random string numbers and letters.

Another tip being given to news organisations is to use only one computer for updating their Twitter account.

According to Twitter: “This helps keep your Twitter password from being spread around.  Don’t use this computer to read email or surf the web, to reduce the chances of malware infection.”

But experts are saying that using a single computer for Tweeting defeats the object of Twitter which should be used to give instant updates from wherever you are in the world and the thought of needing to run back to a single computer in an office to post a Tweet makes this totally impractical for most news organisations.

According to the BBC the message sent to the news organisations from Twitter also encouraged building a better relationship between Twitter and the news agencies.

Twitter said: “Help us to help you.  We are working to make sure we have the most updated information on our partners account.

“Please send us a complete list of all accounts affiliated with your organisation so that we can help keep them protected.”

Security experts however have been challenging Twitter to help to increase security from their end also with many pointing to the idea of a two factor authentication process which would see account users entering a password and then to complete another action to make it more difficult for hackers to access accounts.

Facebook already have a similar process in effect where if an account is accessed from another country they ask you to then verify this as a means of extra security.

However it may be that increased security will not stop the group in their bid to hack into important Twitter accounts around the world.

One anonymous user who is thought to be part of the hacking group told Vice Magazine: “They already started suspending us from the internet by closing our accounts, our pages and suspending our domain names, but they failed and they will keep failing.

“We will not stop or despair.  If they close a Twitter account, we will open a new one; if they close a Facebook page, we will create another one; if they suspend our domain names, we will buy new ones.”

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