Twitter Can Read Our Moods According To Research

"twitter mood research"New research that analysed tweets sent from countries all over the world suggests that the content of our Tweets not only reflects our moods but also shows distinct patterns across the world with the moment we wake up being seen as the happiest time of day for most people.

Conventionally it is always thought that getting up in the morning is not the best time of day for most people but the Twitter research has shown that the most positive words are used first thing in the morning and tis then dwindles down as the day progresses

The research into the content of Twitter messages and the reflection on our moods was undertaken at Cornell University and used a super computer to look at more than 500 million different tweets composed by a massive 2.4 million users in 84 different countries around the world to give a global insight.

The number of times different words that related to happiness appeared was counted and the results of this showed that we are happiest in the mornings and during the weekends with this most likely being due to the fact that we are happy when we are not at work.

But it is not only the dread of work that makes people feel down, the researchers thought that the boost in the morning in happiness could be connected to us feeling naturally happier after we have had a good night’s sleep and this then also filter into the weekend results where most people are able to have longer periods of sleep that is not interrupted by an alarm clock.

One of the researchers, Michael Macy, told the American Association of the Advancement of Science: “We found people are happiest around breakfast time in the morning and then it is downhill from there.

“It wasn’t about work because we found the same pattern on the weekend but it was delayed by an hour and a half.”

Scott Golder, one of the co-researchers on the study told ABC News: “People criticize the internet for being mundane or filled with gossip but that is really not so.  The internet records everything, so Twitter is a giant archive of time coded conversations.”

As social media becomes a more established form of communication around the world an increasing number of researchers are turning to resources such as Facebook and Twitter to be able to monitor trends, emotions and other features using large amounts of information to be able to gain global perspectives.

The very future of many forms of research could potentially be revolutionised by social media and shows that sites that may have initially begun to be a form of entertainment could hold the key to important scientific results.

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