Twitter Boss Still Fighting For Users Privacy

"Twitter Boss Still Fighting For Users Privacy"

Twitter boss Dick Costolo has said he will continue to fight legal battles to protect the privacy of its users.

Speaking at the annual Online News Association’s conference in San Francisco Dan Costolo said that he and Twitter would continue on in their fights to protect their users when it came to legal cases asking for access to tweets.

Dan Costolo said that the case of the Occupy Wall Street protester had put Twitter in a very difficult position with the courts demanding the tweets from Malcolm Harris.

He said that Twitter had spent a large amount of time and money to be able to fight the case to protect the tweets posted by Malcolm Harris but they had been forced to hand over the tweets by the court earlier this year.

Dan Costolo said: “We strongly believe it is important for us to defend our users right to protest the forced publication of their private information.”

Three months worth of tweets posted by Malcolm Harris on Twitter were handed over to the courts with the tweets containing information about protest plans on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York that occurred in 2011.

Currently the information handed over by Twitter to the courts remains sealed until an appeal about the case is heard but the fact that any information at all had to be release, sealed or not, has been difficult for the Twitter boss.

He said: “We have been put between a rock and a hard place” in the case.

While the Malcolm Harris case had taken up many resources the problems that it highlighted in privacy issues at Twitter have not been dismissed by Dan Costolo.

He took the opportunity to say that Twitter is involved in many legal battles surrounding privacy issues around the world but that there was not a “one size fits all solution” available for Twitter when it came to freedom of speech.

Dan Costolo said: “There are things you can’t say about Attaturk in Turkey because they are illegal but people hop on Twitter and say these things.”

Trying to allow freedom of speech for all users while conforming to different laws around the world is an issue that will forever be a problem for the Twitter bosses.

Meanwhile, Dan Costolo also said that Twitter would be continuing to develop new features for users of the micro blogging site.

One of the new features mentioned by Dan Costolo was that users will soon be able to download all their tweets, a function that should be available by the end of 2012.

However, he joked saying that it was easy for him as the CEO of a company to make this promise but the engineer working on the problem would probably have another view on when the features would be available!

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