Twitter Being Used By Television Networks To Boost Advertising

"twitter television TV interaction"Twitter is increasingly being used by television networks to boost potential advertising revenue and to help the networks to be able to engage directly with viewers.

According to a report by the Australian newspaper the Herald Sun it is Twitter that is proving to be one of the most important modern tools when it comes to attracting new advertisers to take out spots during hit shows.

No longer are viewers passive in their experience of a programme, increasingly instead anyone sat at home watching one of their favourite shows is encouraged to give feedback and opinion on how they feel about the show by taking to Twitter.

The use of Twitter not only allows television networks to be able to get a feel for the audience response to a show immediately but it is also being used as a tool equal to ratings to see how well a show is performing for advertisers.

This year alone in Australia the popular reality talent shows The X Factor and The Voice have been using Twitter while the reality show Big Brother has also used social media and Twitter to be able to interact with the viewers and it looks like this could be the future for television networks as television and social media become increasingly interlinked.

Michelle Prak, an expert in social media, told the Herald Sun that the increase in social media interactions can easily be turned into real revenue if used correctly.

She said: “When TV networks harness social media in this way, they’re drawing people back to “live” TV rather than delayed or taped viewing, which many people have been used to in order to avoid watching commercials.”

She added: “For the networks – and their advertisers – hashtags are providing golden opportunities.

“It not only encourages people to watch shows, but to share what they’re watching with others who may not have tuned in.  Twitter also provides insights into viewers opinion that were previously gained only in market research.”

In Australia some of the most popular shows on Twitter include MasterChef Australia, which saw its account grow by over 30 percent while over a million fans liked the show The Voice and at its peak there were over 1,600 tweets about Big Brother.

These sort of statistics show that the link between social media and television is only growing stronger and now viewers are able to interact with their favourite shows not just when they are being aired but at anytime of the day with other fans who are also interested in the show.

Twitter is leading the way as the most popular form of social media for television networks mainly because it requires very little investment and provides unrivaled instant feedback for shows.




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