Twitter And Facebook Users Asked to Fall Silent For Remembrance Sunday

"social media remembrance"Users of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are being asked by the Royal British Legion in the UK to fall silent for two minutes on Sunday to mark Remembrance Sunday.

The Royal British Legion has launched a campaign to raise awareness of Remembrance Sunday and is encouraging social media users to observe the two minute silence that is traditionally held on November 11 at 11am.

According to the London Evening Standard the charitable organisation will be the first charity in the UK to use Thunderclap, an invention created in the US that allows any users to be able to put out a message simultaneously through different forms of social media.

Anyone wanting to support the movement to remember servicemen who have been killed in conflicts around the world just needs to sign up to the campaign by visiting the Royal British Legion website.  Users then need to click on the Two Minute Silence Thunderclap page to allow the mass social media movement.

By clicking on the Thunderclap page the Twitter and Facebook accounts of users are linked to the campaign and there will automatically be a tweet or a message sent out at 9am on Sunday, November 11.

The message going out at 9am will read “I’ll be remembering the fallen at 11 o´clock #2MinuteSilence#LestWeForget”.

By appealing to people on Facebook and Twitter the Royal British Legion are hoping to engage more people than ever in Remembrance Sunday while also appealing to younger people who may not have marked the event before in the past.

It is estimated that the Royal British legion could potentially reach many of the 10 million Twitter users and 33 million Facebook users in the UK with like and retweets helping to promote the campaign.

Head of Remembrance at the Royal British Legion, Helen Hill, said: “We hope to create the largest ever show of online Remembrance by using the communicative power of social media to remind millions of Britons that they have a very personal opportunity to honour the men an women who paid the ultimate sacrifice.”

More than three quarters of people in the UK are expected to observe the two minutes silence on Sunday.  A two minute silence has been held every year at 11 am on the 11th of November each year since 1919 after the end of the First World War.

By using new technology, established charities and causes can work to engage a new generation of supporters and the Thunderclap service has been described as the first “crowdspeaking” service in the world allowing masses of people to speak together at once through social media.

The Thunderclap was essentially created to allow a single message to be able to stand out on social media networks.

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