Twitter Already Causing A Stir Before It Even Goes On Sale

"twitter shares"Twitter, the hugely popular micro blogging social media site is looking like becoming one of the most valuable companies in the world if projections on buy prices are to be believed.

News reports are predicting that the share price of Twitter stock could potentially double in the first year of it being listed on the stock market.

According to a report by the news agency Reuters, it is believed that Twitter stock could rise to $50 within just a year.

Robert Peck from Sun Trust Humphrey  has written a report about the potential of the stock noting that investors need to look at Twitter s being far beyond just a 140 character text.

Twitter was not an instant social media success in the same way as Facebook was but in recent years its popularity has rocketed as an increasing number of individuals, and now businesses, have harnessed the power of this influential site.

The planned IPO of Twitter is now one of the most eagerly anticipated in the industry and although Twitter has registered losses for the past three years it is believed that the company is now on the cusp of great earning potential thanks to the introduction of advertising to the site which now accounts for around 90 percent of the total revenue of the company each year.

One area that is of particular interest to investors is the possibilities related to working with Twitter and traditional broadcasting on television with live tweeting now being a very popular way for viewers to express their feelings about a show instantly and invaluable for tv executives who are able to see what is and is not working on their shows.

The potential to make money through Twitter is now being taken very seriously by those not only within the world of social media but also outside the industry which is making the Twitter offering especially interesting to watch.

As yet it has not been revealed how many shares are going to be sold by the company or at what price the shares will go on sale.

Robert Peck has estimated that the company will most likely float around 50 million shares onto the market to raise around $1.5 billion.

Whatever the price of the shares that are released by Twitter it is sure to create great interest and the success of the shares will not only be important to those looking to make a sound investment and get great returns from their money but will also be monitored closely by those in social media who will want to see just how successfully online social media can transfer to offline profit.

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