Twitter Advertising Plans Come Under Fire

"twitter advert news"Experts are predicting that Twitter users may launch their own backlash against the micro blogging site if future plans to target every business on the globe for advertising go ahead by Twitter.

Twitter have revealed that they intend to “target every business on the planet” with their new advertising campaign but it is feared that by increasing the advertising on the micro blogging site dramatically could be very off putting for users who would potentially have to trawl through many adverts to get to the tweets they are interested in reading.

The news about the plans for twitter and advertising in the future was made public inadvertently by Twitter after the company posted a job advert in Dublin stating: “Twitter is on a mission to #ReachEveryPersonOnThePlanet, and the SMB sales team’s job is to make sure that Twitter reaches every business on the planet.”

Anyone considering taking up the offer of working for Twitter will be looking to small and medium sized businesses as well as the large corporations for adverts and needs to have an “innate sense of urgency” according to the job advert.

It had already been revealed that Twitter intended to target the tip 100 UK advertisers for revenue for their site in the future but this latest piece of information shows that Twitter has much wider goals and targets and every business is being considered to be a potential advertiser by the company.

Mark Borkowski, a PR and branding expert told Sky news that he was worried about what the effect of so many adverts on the site could have on the users.

He said: “There is a real risk of a backlash by serving up too many adverts.  It’s high ambition but this is coming from ad men and not consumers, so they will have to find a balance and not swamp users with advertising.”

He added that the ad men need to also beware of the online trolls and how advertisers can work to avoid problems.

He said: “The problem for Twitter is not just the users but the advertisers too.  Big firms like British Gas have been bombarded with hostile tweets and small companies are also susceptible to negative comments from Twitter trolls.

“Twitter also needs to recognise the potential problem and to help brands and not just plunder them for revenue.”

Twitter may be looking to make some serious money by introducing new adverts onto the feeds of users but it looks like it may not be as easy as investors were hoping.


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