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Top 10 Social Media Tips

“Top 10 Social Media Tips”

Social media refers to technology on the World Wide Web that allows people to socially communicate with one another on the Web with ease. This type of social interaction has become a huge part of nearly everyone’s life in the 21st century; nearly everyone has a Facebook account or uses Twitter. Not only has social […] Read More

“Importance of Social Bookmarking”

As an Internet marketer, naturally, I visit the forums that all of you visit, just so I can see what other marketers are talking about and so that I can interact with them. I notice a lot of newbies out there saying that they don’t know whether or not they should take advantage of social […] Read More

“Importance of Social Media”

Unless you have been living under a rock, by now, in the year 2012, we have all heard of the term “social media.” In fact, visiting this blog and reading this post means that you are interacting with social media. And, I venture to guess that 99% of you who are reading this post also […] Read More

“Why You Shouldn’t Forget About Your Social Bookmarking”

I see it all too often; new Internet marketers – and even those who have been around for a while – set up a website that is beautifully designed, dot all of their Ts and cross all of there Is, and they wonder why they aren’t getting as great of traffic as they think that […] Read More

“Top Social Bookmarking Sites 2012″

Social bookmarking refers to the process of saving a URL of a website on another website in order to access it for later. In the past, it used to be that the only way that you could book mark the URL of a website was through your web browser. This was a great way to […] Read More

“Are You On Board With The Facebook Sponsored Stories?”

By this point, you have probably noticed a trend in my blog posts, and just in case you haven’t – I have been talking a lot about using Facebook as a means of your Internet marketing campaign. The reason I have been talking about Facebook so much lately is because I really cannot stress how […] Read More

“An Introduction to Facebook Ads”

In the 21st century, social marketing has made its way onto the scene, has created quite a big stir and has left an even bigger impact. Prior to the days of social networking sites, Internet marketing was possible, of course, but ever since social networking made its way onto the scene, the face of Internet […] Read More

“An Introduction To Social Bookmarking”

Have you ever opened up your email or your Facebook page and found that a friend or family member has sent you a link to a website? If so, then you and your friend or family member have, perhaps unknowingly, participated in social bookmarking. Are you confused by exactly what social bookmarking is? Social bookmarking […] Read More

“Joining The Facebook Marketing Craze – Never Too Late To Jump On Board”

It seems that everyone these days is talking about Facebook. You constantly hear people talking about their status updates; you see the Facebook logo on products that you purchase in the stores; you see Facbook advertisements on the television and you even hear about Facebook related information on the nightly news. Facebook has really become […] Read More

“An Introduction to Social Media”

In the 21st century, social media seems to be everywhere and it seems to touch every facet of our lives. People use social media to post comments, pictures or vides of events as they are happening, documenting these events in almost real-time. Social media is a truly wonderful thing and it has certainly changed the […] Read More