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“twitter for offline businesses”

Twitter is one of the most powerful marketing tools. Online business owners can use this platform to track industry buzz, share content and links, promote new products, and increase brand awareness. What about offline businesses? Does Twitter work for monetizing offline business success? This social network has over 100 million users worldwide. Over 25 percent […] Read More

What Can Web 2.0 Do for Your Online Business? thumbnail

Most business owners who operate online are too busy to pay attention to the latest web trends, but web 2.0 offers great tools for reducing costs, building lasting customer relationships, and increasing their return on investment. The "new Internet" or web 2.0 relies on social media and online communities. Web 2.0 websites are constantly changing […] Read More

Essential Steps to Getting Started in Social Media Marketing thumbnail

Any business owner needs social media to develop and protect his reputation, gain visibility online, and build a strong online presence. When it comes to starting an online business, your biggest problem is being invisible. Whether you want to use social media to connect with industry influencers or build relationships with your customers, it's worth […] Read More

How to Get Your First 1,000 Facebook Fans thumbnail

Have you hit your first 1,000 fans on Facebook? Are you looking for ways to get more likes and comments? By now most marketers realize that Facebook is a powerful marketing tool, but when it comes to generating leads and building an active fan base, not everyone gets it. Getting your first 1,000 or even […] Read More

Social Media Beyond Facebook and Twitter thumbnail

As the Internet continues to evolve, less known social networks can act as a supplement to a brand's current social media strategy. Business owners are finally starting to understand that they need to have a social presence, but are still confused about where that presence should be. A discussion about social media should not start […] Read More

“social media for blogs”

Creating useful content that readers will enjoy is the best way to build a popular blog. The tricky part of blogging is getting people to not only read your posts, but share them and leave useful comments. As much as you love your current audience, it's essential to constantly draw in new readers. Social networks […] Read More

“Offline Marketing And Facebook: Where Should You Start”

Let’s face it; the advent of the World Wide Web has really changed the way that businesses do business. With the touch of a few buttons, you can access literally unlimited information. And now, with the advent of social media, the way that businesses do business has changed even more so. You see, not only […] Read More

“Pinterest Is The Final Stamp In Your Social Media Campaign, So Don’t Forget It!”

In case you aren’t aware, social media is one of the biggest tools in an Internet marketer’s tool box. If you really want to get your business noticed and you want to expand your presence on the Internet, then you are going to simply have to take advantage of social media. Now, that being said, […] Read More

“Offline Marketing And Facebook: Where Should You Start?”

Internet marketing for small offline businesses Perhaps you own a small dry cleaning business that has been in your family for generations. Maybe you have a small family run diner in your town. If you have a small offline business, what type of marketing strategies do you employ to get that business noticed? Are advertisements […] Read More

“Internet Marketing Without Google: Can You Build Traffic Without The Search Engines?”

It seems that the main concern of every Internet marketer is their rankings with the search engines. After all, the search engines are what people use to find out information on the Web, right? While the search engines are certainly one of the most common ways that people search for information on the Internet, it […] Read More