Traffic Building

“pinterest for business”

Pinterest is the third largest social media website after Facebook and Twitter. Anyone can become a member. This pinboard-style photo sharing site no longer requires an invitation to register an account. Statistics show that Pinterest receives over 1.36 million visitors every day. Users are able to "pin" or "like" pictures, share content, and build relationships. […] Read More

“google penguin”

Millions of websites were hit by Penguin several months ago. This algorithm update was first released on April 24, 2012. Months later, many sites are still trying to escape the depths of a ranking penalty. The general idea behind this update is to get rid of spam and remove low quality websites from search results. […] Read More

“seo packages”

Professional SEO services can dramatically improve your website rankings in search engines and grow your audience. A good SEO company offers everything you need to have a successful online presence. Individuals and businesses alike can benefit from these services. However, it is important to understand that not all SEO companies are created equally. Some of […] Read More

“facebook vs twitter”

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners are confused whether they should use Twitter or Facebook for business. The world's largest social networks deliver information in very different ways and serve different marketing needs. Which one is best from a purely business standpoint? Choosing the best social network for your business depends entirely on your target […] Read More

“social media marketing tips”

Would you like to promote your business on social networks but don't know where to start from? Once you get the ball rolling, the process of maintaining a social presence is just another part of your overall marketing plan. Many reputable brands as well as small companies are using social media to promote their products […] Read More

“website rankings”

The latest Google algorithm changes have affected millions of websites. Many of them are not fully recovered. Every SEO company out there has a few clients that have seen negative drops in their rankings. Some webmasters experience this problem because they were penalized by the search engines for bad SEO practices, over-optimization, poor quality links, […] Read More

“social media hashtags”

Hashtags are a useful social media engagement tool. Their role is to tie multiple tweets into one conversation or category. It's a way of grouping tweets together. If you have a Twitter account, you can use hashtags to find groups or conversational topics. Some people use this feature to find others with similar interests, gain […] Read More

Can You Do Your Own SEO?

“DIY SEO vs SEO services”

Search engine optimization is a complex process that requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Many business owners don’t know exactly whether they should hire a SEO expert or implement this process by themselves. With proper research, you can do SEO on your own. If you are not familiar with this process, you will […] Read More

“how does seo work”

When it comes to search engine optimization, most business owners leave everything to experts. If you want to achieve higher search engine rankings and build a successful website, you need to learn some basic SEO. This will help you choose the best promotion strategies for your site and build a strong online presence. A SEO […] Read More

“seo content for business”

Have you ever wondered how much content you should have on your small business website? What if you run an offline business? There are many things to consider when developing a website, and quality content is one of them. Whether you want to achieve higher search engine rankings or build an authority website that provides […] Read More