Traffic Building

“How To Have Website Traffic Eager To Buy Even BEFORE They Reach The Sales Page”

There are lots of different ways of how they tell us we must sell to a customer and how many pages they must pass before they hit the order now button. However this particular method I do not see used that often and wanted to share with you my blog readers. I was working with […] Read More

“linkedin for business”

LinkedIn is the equivalent of Facebook for the business world. With over 200 million members from 200 countries, the world's largest professional network offers exceptional business opportunities. Statistics show that over 49 percent of customers find LinkedIn to be a good source of information. This social networking site has over seven million members in Canada […] Read More

“measure web traffic”

There are many different ways to increase website traffic and attract qualified visitors. It's recommended to test various strategies in order to determine what works best for your site. More traffic means more customers and more sales. The best traffic generation methods can help you gain exposure for your site and outrank your competitors. Is […] Read More

“get more traffic”

If you've just started a new website, you might have a hard time getting traffic. What are the best ways to get traffic to a brand new site? How long it will take to build your customer base? Getting a new website off the ground can be extremely difficult. You don’t have an email list […] Read More

“start building traffic”

Having multiple sources of traffic is important to the long-term success of your website. Traffic is the lifeblood of the web. With a bit of work, you could start getting visitors right after setting up your site. There are many ways to increase traffic and gain exposure on the Internet. Some will cost you money, […] Read More

“best social network”

Building a strong online presence is essential for the success of your business. Social media plays a major role in reaching consumers. However, it's important to be aware that not all social networks are created equal. The information you share on Twitter may not be relevant for your Facebook fans. A recent study shows that […] Read More

What Is White Hat SEO?

“white hat seo techniques”

White hat SEO is the key to long term marketing success. This practice involves using SEO strategies that focus on human visitors opposed to search engines. These techniques conform to the search engines' guidelines while maintaining the integrity of your website. They aim to provide search engines with relevant information about the content on your […] Read More

“social media channels”

More companies than ever are turning to social media to connect with customers and increase sales. There is no doubt that social networking has become a powerful marketing tool for building brand awareness and generating new business. Over nine million businesses are using Facebook. Approximately 50 percent of customers who use this social network claim […] Read More

“PPC campaign”

Cost per click, also called pay per click (PPC), is an online advertising model used to increase website traffic. Advertisers pay for each ad clicked via Google Adsense, Facebook Ads, Yahoo or other platforms. This strategy can help you obtain targeted traffic, convert visitors into customers, and create action that generates revenue. However, many small […] Read More

“social bookmarking for business”

Have you ever sent a link to an interesting web page to your friends and social media contacts? If so, then you have participated in social bookmarking. This practice allows people to store, organize, and manage "bookmarks" of web pages. It's a way of sharing interesting content that you come across on the Internet. Some […] Read More