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“Social Bookmarking How To”

Social Bookmarking has been a massive asset to our online business along with many other bloggers and internet marketers. Social bookmarking is all about adding your website links to these bookmarking sites and gaining a strong presence back to your site. It is like telling the world that you have amazing content and then it […] Read More


In the last three weeks I have given you an introduction to do it yourself SEO, shown you how to do the best keyword research without buying any expensive tools and last week how to blog your way to the top of Google for good. Now what about Facebook? But you are going to scream […] Read More


What I am going to share with you is a technique that over time can bring a thousand plus visitors a day to your site and this is EXACTLY what Google wants you to do. It’s shockingly simple and if you thought keyword research was simple last week then you will love this. For a […] Read More


Last week I introduced you to the big bad world of SEO and this week I want to step it up a level and talk about keyword research. And why you should stay away from paid keyword research tools and how easy it is to outsource this typically time consuming task. Just think of it […] Read More

“Do It Yourself SEO”

I have done my own SEO for a very long time now and its something that is part of my day to day internet marketing life. And I get a real buzz out of doing my SEO. Every Tuesday my manager sends me a report with my weekly SEO positions and what gives it the […] Read More

“Bad Forum Commenting Experiences”

Like most people I have built up a considerable amount of my free traffic through forum commenting. When done correctly it can bring a great amount of quality traffic your way and you can build up the traffic for your future. I first started forum commenting back in 2005 and also wrote The Mega Marketing […] Read More


HootSuite vs. TweetDeck: which platform is best for your social marketing campaign? Both apps are used by millions of people and offer great features. However, each has pros and cons. HootSuite allows users to connect and manage multiple social media accounts. With TweetDeck, you can only manage different Twitter accounts. HootSuite has free and paid versions, […] Read More

“How to Make Your Banner Adverts Convert”

Does your business need banner ads? Are they really effective? Banner adverts get your products seen by thousands of people every day. Marketers and business owners use this form of advertising to increase website traffic and get more sales. With the low costs of banner ads, you can increase your conversion rate and double your […] Read More

“Facebook Vs Twitter”

I am amazed these days how many internet marketers are still in their 9 to 5 jobs and are running internet marketing businesses during evenings and weekends. And some are running them while they are supposed to be working for someone else (though that is top secret so don’t spill!) and there just isn’t the […] Read More

“DSM Pub Twitter Followers”

Its hard work to find the top internet marketers on Twitter that will be get you free followers or follow you back so for 2013 I have put a brand new list together for you. I originally did this many years ago on my old blog that I sold earlier this year and thought it […] Read More