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Paid SEO Links – The SEO Vs Adwords Debate thumbnail

I wanted to share with a case study that I have been involved in with a client recently. The client has an offline business and works mainly with offline customers. Like many offline customers he also wants to bring lots of internet traffic his way! He was already paying for Adwords and paying $0.20 per […] Read More

Hootsuite Review: The Smart Way to Manage Your Social Media Accounts thumbnail

I have been using Hootsuite for a year now (yes I know I was a late starter) and thought I would finally share my experience with using the software! First of all this time last year I was managing about 50 social media channels – mainly made up of Twitter and Facebook and it was […] Read More

How To Get Small Blogs With Small Traffic Making Money In 2014 thumbnail

Late last year I mentioned a food blog that I followed that had shed loads of traffic (around a million a month) but not much in income. Actually, it was and still is making less than $0.01 per unique visitor. And when you say that out loud it can be a very scary concept……. And […] Read More

“Thesis 2.0″

It has now been two weeks since the home of DSM Publishing and PLR With Sam (a sub section) moved from Gabfire Themes and onto Thesis. It has been that short a time that we have not had the chance to move the Internet Marketing With Sam section yet (we are doing it at the […] Read More

“How To Increase Blog Traffic”

I always get asked what is the secret to successful blog traffic? Is there one thing that you could do to make your blog a huge success? Well for me it is a variety of things and the longer the blog is going the more the traffic will increase. The reason for this? Because if […] Read More

“Black Hat SEO VS White Hat SEO”

Here is part 9 of our DIY SEO series and you can start it from here with part 1. This debate has being going on for as long as I remember. If you were not into internet marketing and SEO you could be forgiven into thinking this blog post is about different types and colours […] Read More

“Do It Yourself SEO Google Penguin”

After last week and discovering how easy it is to get indexed on Bing, I wanted to touch on the Google updates. As many of you are aware there was another Google update in the last week and it has hit a lot of sites. And that is the worst thing. You make all the […] Read More


Last time we covered Google Webmaster Tools and showed you how you can use Google Webmaster Tools to get ranked in Google and repair SEO problems. It got me thinking about Bing. We all want Google and don’t really care about Bing as it’s not the number one. In the same way that there are […] Read More

“Google Webmaster Tools”

Last week we had great fun with part 5 and discovering the art of social bookmarking. However I am sure you will agree that to run a good quality SEO campaign you need tools and this is where this week’s blog post comes in. As we are looking at the Google Webmaster Tools and how […] Read More

“Social Bookmarking”

This week’s DIY SEO is all about learning and understanding social bookmarking sites so that they can work for you. I hope you enjoyed my blog last week and have now got the hang of Facebook groups and how they can not only bring you lots of traffic but also influence your search engine optimisation. […] Read More