Topshop Harness Pinterest To Boost Christmas Sales

"pinterest topshop news"British high street fashion retailer Topshop are hoping to cash in on the popularity of Pinterest this coming Christmas.

Topshop have just launched their new Pinterest campaign which is known as “Dear Topshop” and the marketers behind the campaign hope that keen Pinterest users will enjoy creating their own ultimate Christmas wishlist through Topshop.

Topshop will allow their Pinterest users to pull images from all of the different platforms that the company uses including their website, online store, Facebook and Twitter feeds and anywhere else that a user can find Topshop products to make their own wish list for Christmas.

For the first time Topshop have created a campaign designed specifically for Pinterest users with users being able to make their own boards of products and the most pinned items of the day then being showcased on the main website of the shop.

While most of the activity will be taking place online shoppers in the flagship stores in both London and New York will be able to create their own life size boards using giant touch screens found in the shops.

The Pinterest campaign will also be brought into the real world with staff in the stores wearing t-shirts advertising the campaign and other members of staff going around the stores with iPads to be able to demonstrate the ease that customers can pin items on Pinterest.

Topshop seem to have thought of everything to move their clients onto Pinterest and their Pinterest clients into their stores with the company even offering a series of prizes including front row seats at London Fashion week and the chance to design their own dress for winners of Pinterest board competitions.

The head of marketing and communications for Topshop said: “This holiday season, our aim was to showcase the key products and to facilitate the gifting process.

“Pinterest, being a strong visual platform, was the ideal platform as it allows our customers to collect products and inspirations to share with family and friends.  Add the physical component, and we are creating trues “social shopping” during the festive period.”

The new Pinterest campaign from Topshop is being deemed as the first global marketing initiative from the company and many will be watching to see just how successful the retailer is at merging the online shopping world with the high street experience and all through the power of social media as this could well be the future of marketing and sales.



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