Top Social Bookmarking Sites 2012

"Top Social Bookmarking Sites 2012"Social bookmarking refers to the process of saving a URL of a website on another website in order to access it for later. In the past, it used to be that the only way that you could book mark the URL of a website was through your web browser. This was a great way to access the website at a later time, but it did not enable you to share easily share the URL of the website with others, and it did not allow you to access the URL from any other machine. Thanks to social bookmarking, you can now easily save URLs, share them and locate the URLs to websites that you would be the most interested in visiting.

Social bookmarking has really become the wave of the future and it has really become an important asset, not only for Web searchers, but for people who have a business on the Web, as well. In 2012, social bookmarking has been on the rise and there are certain social bookmarking sites that have risen in popularity. Here is a list of some of the top social bookmarking sites in 2012.

  • Facebook. Facebook is not only one of the top social networking sites, but it is also one of the top social bookmarking sites of 2012. You can easily save and share the URLs of different websites on Facebook. This site is one of the best social bookmarking sites of the year simply because of its popularity – and Facebook is visited by millions of people on a daily basis.
  • Twitter. Like Facebook, Twitter is another extremely popular social bookmarking site in 2012. People share URLs and save URLs via the Twitter feed. This site is also extremely popular, which of course, ranks it high on the list of social bookmarking sites.
  • Google +. Google + is another social networking site that is also used for social bookmarking. This site is also very popular, so it ranks high on the list of top social bookmarking sites for 2012.
  • Pinterest. Pinterest has really made its way up the popularity poll this year. This site is used primarily for sharing and saving URLs from different sites so that people can gain ideas and insights with ease.

Other top social bookmarking sites in 2012 include Digg, Delicious, Squidoo and TumbleUpon. These sites also have a lot of visitors and are used to share and save URLs.

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