Top 5 Ways To Get Slapped By Google

"Top 5 Ways To Get Slapped By Google"If you have been involved in internet marketing for longer than five minutes you will no doubt have heard about the Google slap, it is something that is feared by internet marketers everywhere but if you abide by some very basic rules you will be able to avoid the Google slap completely.

Spun Content – If you are using spun content on your website you will be asking for trouble, no two ways about it. It may seem like a good idea at the time because using this type of content is a big time saver but despite what the sales letters say which promote the article spinners, if you get caught, which you will, your website or blog will simply disappear without a trace.

Backlinks From A Link Farm  – Link farms used to be all the rage not to long ago, for a membership fee, back links could be obtained from a number of high PR websites and for a while this kind of thing did work, now though, Google know exactly what is going on and what to look for and they have no hesitation in punishing accordingly.

Poor Content – This is a big one, many webmasters, in their attempts to stuff as many keywords as possible into the content on their websites gave no thought to the experience that would await their visitors. The content was often stuffed with so many keywords that it was basically unreadable, that didn’t matter to them though as long as the adsense advertisements were clicked on. Needless to say now though, any websites with this kind of content will be well and truly slapped.

Not Enough Content -  There is now no getting away from the fact that Google greatly favours authority type blogs and websites which are updated on a regular basis. It used to be the case that a 5 page website could be quickly thrown up and never touched again and it would still rank well. Now though, if a website does not have content and lots of it, it will be slapped.

Keep Everything Relevant – If you have a website on the subject of dog training for example, make sure that all of the content and any advertisements are on that subject. If visitors to the website are directed to a page which tries to sell them a bank loan, they won’t like it and neither will Google!

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