Top 100 Internet Marketers On Twitter That Will Get You Free Followers

"DSM Pub Twitter Followers"Its hard work to find the top internet marketers on Twitter that will be get you free followers or follow you back so for 2013 I have put a brand new list together for you.

I originally did this many years ago on my old blog that I sold earlier this year and thought it was about time we had a new and exciting list that you can get your teeth into and use to get new followers.

But this list is not just there to get people to follow you back that you are following but to also speed up others following you too.

I followed one of these people on this list last week and I got 200 followers just from the fact that he was so well known that people were following his new followers. You see it’s the biggest trick in the book to do this because people want to follow their competitions followers so that they can make more sales and this has a brilliant impact on you too.

My Twitter Following Journey

It feels like a long time ago now since I first joined Twitter and can’t believe it was Christmas 2008 when I had just moved abroad and was having my first Christmas living in Portugal.

Since then I have built more than 50,000 followers on Twitter and love to tweet and interact with my followers.

"DSM Pub Twitter Followers"

I also create and manage Twitter accounts for my clients and I always start by following 100 people in the niche that will follow them back so that they have a few people to interact with first and it gives them a brilliant head start.

Top 100 Internet Marketers On Twitter That Will Get You Free Followers

Below is your list and I have also added the image to the bottom of the post so that you can click save and share it as you please or even add it to your Facebook account and spread the word of who to follow right now.

Top 100 Internet Marketers On Twitter Part #1

Now this section is made up of the Twitter users in the internet marketing field that will actually follow you back. And will make the effort and actually interact with you.

Top 100 Internet Marketers On Twitter Part #2

For this second section I have covered the high flyers on Twitter that may not follow you back but by retweeting their tweets and by following them other people that are interested in their fans WILL follow you.

You can get a lot of extra followers by following these select people  from very little effort so here they are:

Top 100 Internet Marketers On Twitter Part #3

Now here is my favourite selection and this is all made up of Twitter users that will communicate with and give you the X Factor in your Twitter experience:

I hope you enjoyed my Top 100 Internet Marketers On Twitter and that you get lots of new followers on Twitter as a result.

My Twitter Following Secret Tip

One of the best ways to get traffic out of your new followers is to send them a direct message and thank them for following you back. And this can be incredibly time consuming so I personally use Socialoomph to do this for me and you can find out how to do it by clicking here.

Here is an example of it in use on my DSM Publishing Twitter account:

"Twitter Direct Message"

"Top 100 Internet Marketers On Twitter"

And if you have never read my own Twitter following journey you can grab a free copy by clicking this link.

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