Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites In 2013

"Social Bookmarking How To"Social Bookmarking has been a massive asset to our online business along with many other bloggers and internet marketers. Social bookmarking is all about adding your website links to these bookmarking sites and gaining a strong presence back to your site.

It is like telling the world that you have amazing content and then it should be read and shared with the internet world.

Social bookmarking is a big part of SEO and can really make the difference between you been on page 3 and jumping up to the front position on Google.

These sites come and go so I have put together the ones that are current right now in 2013 and I will update you as they get out of date or when new amazing ones come to light.

Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites 2013

1. Folkd – PR6


You can post about anything on here and people get the opportunity to Folkd your content by the button on the left hand side of your post.

If you get a lot of Folkds you will become popular and more people will then share your content.

We pay for an annual membership with them so that we don’t have a limit on our bookmarks and its very cheap in return for the traffic you get back from this site.

2. StumbleUpon – PR7


Stumbleupon has an Alexa rank in the top 1000. Over the course of the month we tend to get a lot of traffic from it. The traffic from here also converts pretty well so it is very important you include Stumbleupon among the list of sites that you social bookmark with.

People can also Stumble your site by finding it on the internet or you can add your site yourself and introduce your site to people. We do a bit of both at DSM Publishing and all these shares can turn into a lot of link juice.

Out of all the different social bookmarking sites number #1 and number #2 can your brand out there and remembered.

3. Newsvine – PR7


Newsvine is another site with a shedload of traffic having an Alexa in the top 5000.

The stories or posts you put on here have to be relevant and of very good quality otherwise your account will get removed. But if you can get your content on and it gets popular you will get a lot of traffic and links back to your site.

4. BibSonomy – PR7


Bibsonomy is another favourite of ours at DSM Publishing and has a great Alexa rank and excellent sharing potential.

Using this site is so easy a two year old could do it (if you have a two year old great slavery options :) ) And you can easily start discussions with any subjects you are interested in.

5. LinkaGoGo – PR5


Linkagogo is very easy to use and you will be able to put a lot of your content on here and give yourself a few links back to your site. It may not have the highest Alexa rank or a page rank of seven like many of them featured here but I get brilliant link juice from it and link diversity is a great thing to practice.

6.  Zootool – PR5


Unlike many social bookmarking sites this site actually makes good use of the mobile aspect of surfing the internet so people can share content through mobiles as well as desktop computers.

Very modern and worth a look at!

7. CiteULike – PR8


CiteULike is a place where you can put all your references that you find online. I.e., bookmarks.

You can add your articles and they will even auto recommend articles that are of good quality and if they do you will be seeing a boost in traffic for your efforts.

8. Diigo – PR7


Diigo has a very high Alexa rank. Diigo has multiple tools to help with your organizing of your website bookmarks.

You can sort through your own library, bookmarks, provide feedback to other users and all this can be done via various devices.

9. Delicious – PR8


Delicious is one of my personal favourites and also has a very high Alexa rank.

Delicious has a very slick user interface and you can add your bookmarks on here and receive a boost to your traffic if you become popular. It is also very easy to use.

10. scoop-it – PR7


Scoop it has an Alexa rank of 740 so this site can send you huge amounts of traffic.   Just add your website content and make sure it is of good quality as you will get bumped down to the bottom if people think you are just there for link building purposes.

The main aim of using social bookmarking sites is of course to add your links and hopefully get popular and have a massive spike in traffic to your website. But to gain this you really must contribute to the site other wise you will not get much out of them.

Actually go through the sites and read and bookmark content yourself because then if you are helping other people then they will help you out and that is how it works.

So contribute and then see your content and links get higher and your authority on these sites gets better.

Remember social bookmarking = SEO so get building those social bookmarking links and watch as your traffic goes bananas.

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