To Have Or Not To Have Adsense

"To Have Or Not To Have Adsense"So, you have a website or a blog that you are considering monetizing. Your site generates a good bit of traffic and you have heard that monetizing it can be a great way to make an extra income. There are many options available to you when it comes to monetizing your website, and one of the most popular ways to with Google Adsense. Before just running out and adding Adsense to your site, read on to find out about the pros and cons of this program.

First of all, what is Google Adsense? In short, Adsense refers to ads that Google will place on your website that are relevant to the content on your site. For example, if your site has to do with the holidays, then Google would place ads related to the holidays on your website. Whenever someone clicks on these ads, Google will pay you a small fee. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, now read on to find out the good and the bad to determine whether or not you should use Adsense.

The Pros:

  • All you have to do is add the code given to you by Google to your website when you sign up for Adsense; Google will to the rest of the work for you. They will place the ads, choose the ads and they will deposit the income generated from the ads directly into your account. It’s basically a hassle-free set up.
  • You can easily monitor your earnings through Google Adsense using the tracking tool that is provided by the program.
  • Google Adsense can easily cover the expenses of running your website. With Adsense, you just have to write your content, put it up on your website and Google will place the ads for you, which will pay for running your website.
  • It allows you to concentrate on generating quality content because you won’t have to worry about finding ways to pay for your website.

The Cons

  • Your Adsense account can be closed at any time, without any notice. This usually happens when click fraud occurs, or when someone is clicking on ads to generate income, which is often not done by the owner of the site.
  • Adsense may interfere with the algorithms, which may affect your search engine ranking.
  • People may not want to see ads all over the site they are viewing, which may result in less visitors and less income.

So, now that you know about some of the pros and cons, you can decide if Google Adsense is the right choice for you.

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